big blaze

One of Sydney's biggest fires for many years occurred yesterday, although the fire brigade expects that the factory will continue burning all the weekend.

This fire happened barely ten minutes' walk from my home, and the slight valley at the back of my place was filled with appalling smoke for many hours. Brigades were called in from the central Coast, the Illawarra and also the blue Mountains, all of which are at least 80 km away. There were approximately 150 firemen working on the fire and many different appliances. The smoke was appalling and some close to the fire were treated for smoke inhalation of the toxic fumes.

Pictures can be seen here.



big changes ahead

Read Sanctificarnos Robert speaks of "citizen journalism" and a Christian news agency. He envisions several different sections for this. Read more at Robert's blog,Santificarnos for advance news of some exciting developments ahead.

I was somewhat overwhelmed when I first received an email from Robert, quite a while ago now, inviting me to take part. I was even more overwhelmed when I had a look at the lineup of other contributors. I like the fact that the group represents views from around the world and that we also come from quite different Christian backgrounds. I have been reluctant to join some of the webrings and other groups which are available as they seem to me to represent purely one viewpoint. A holy huddle,if you like, safety in numbers. I've been around long enough to know that I am not threatened by views which may not be identical to mine. I've learnt that I'm not always correct. I've gained so much from reading widely, both academically and in Christian and other blogs.

I am looking forward to seeing how this new venture works out.