Brag time this morning.

I found this test on spelling and word usage at Fred's this morning.

My score was 100% on each section as well it might be. I'm in the age group which scores well in that test. I was well drilled in both primary and high schools in grammar and loved studying languages. Did Latin, French and German at Uni. Have since learned NT Greek and done a smattering, mostly forgotten, of Hebrew.

What usually lets me down on my blog is my typing. Fingers don't always match my brain.



I was catching up on some blogs when I found a reference to this test at the Upward Way. It is run by a group called the Worldview weekend.

It supposedly tests whether the one doing the test has a biblical worldview. Nowhere is that view actually defined, although on working through the test it is quite apparent what the correct expected answer should be. Mine did not meet their expectations in many cases. Randy notes that unless a seven day creationist view is held, then the person is labelled a socialist.

The blurb before the test suggests that young and old could benefit by doing the test, then reading some of their materials or attending some courses. The test is redone to see what "improvement" has been made.

Many of the questions are irrelevant to those who are not American citizens. A lot are asked in a "leading question" manner.

I apologise to the residents of Florida. Applicants' states are required so their scores are correlated against others from that state. I must have skewed the results for Florida.

In fact, my worldview has been somewhat dented by the fact that I had to lie to take the test. States are required,but there is no provision for those outside the USA to continue without identifying a state. Perhaps this is a case of situational ethics. I'm only joking of course before some one write me a flaming email about such things.


Unfortunately, this is a horrible example of what I was talkng about in the post below. It began with the molesting of an underage girl and continued as an adulterous affair for 40 years! This was not something I had to dig up, but was on our national broadcaster today. Part of the story had been hinted at, but this is from the woman's side.