It was reported in today's Sydney Morning Herald that Archbishop Jensen was prophesying a split in the Anglican communion over the ordination of homosexuals. (I could not find this on their web site.)

I leave aside my own thoughts on ordination. I realise I am in a minority here.

Who then can be ordained? When I look around I see wife beaters, child abusers, liars, adulterers, those who fiddle the books, the power hungry or foul tempered and those who like the rest of us are sinners in one way or another. I have seen reports that it is the ordination of those continuing to practise homosexuality that is wrong. All these other problems do not magically stop on ordination. There have been reports of child molesting clergy whose crimes go back many years and who have continued this disgusting path while carrying out a pastoral role.

I am not here making a judgment of any kind on homosexuality. I have given my views in the past and they are based on other points than the usual verses trotted out by both sides.

No one is perfect. That should rule out all. Why single out one in particular and in many cases sweep the rest under the carpet?



a rose by any other name...
..would smell as sweet
. Or so said the Bard.

This thought has obviously been adopted by our TV stations here. We've just moved out of the summer non-ratings period, so theoretically are in a time of new shows, or at least new episodes of old shows. However, there's a disturbing new trend which has been adopted by all channels, even our national broadcaster.

We no longer have "repeats." We now have "encore" performances. Not just performances, but "encore presentations." These presentations are of nothing fancy, just everyday television programmes. Does the new name reflect the hope that time in storage has somehow changed these from dandelions to roses?

Wouldn't life be better if when we stuff up yet again, we could glorify the mistake by a lovely new name, thus camouflaging that it was indeed a mistake?

Unfortunately, roses are still roses and real stinkers remain real stinkers.



I know we all face struggles in relationships and in life. I find it difficult to believe that so many of them can coincide in life. I also find it difficult to realise just how much energy they take to deal with, not to mention time as well.

My little grandduaghter faced complications after her tonsillectomy and is just now starting to pick up slightly. This has caused anxiety and also more time spent in babysitting her siblings.

My nephew, whose mother died last year, has been having trouble coping with the transition to secondary school, even though he goes to a private school with a good pastoral care programme. As the one in the family with training and experience in educational matters, who had to offer help?

My sister is having a hard time with a divorce from an extremely abusive husband and the sale of her home as part of the settlement. This has obviously affected her and also my elderly mother who feels slighted by lack of attention from my sister. Relationships!

There's another baby on the way for my one of my sons and his wife. Much anticipated and a great, troublefree pregnancy. That is until last week when she was given a bolt from the blue that she has a precancerous condition. This cannot be dealt with until the baby is a couple of months old, probably around September. There is almost always a good outcome from the treatment, but it certainly was a most unpleasant surprise.

Mix in a week of entirely unexected full time work for me and life has been hectic.