I've been catching up on various blogs and see some controversies about both groups of blogs and links.

I'm listed at blogs4God but haven't joined other groupings except a group of Australian bloggers, not all Christian.

I have problems with some of the groups which seem to be aimed at raising the profiles of members. This may not be entirely true, just my observation and what I picked up from them. I don't go to these blogs often so won't comment on the motives of the members.

Other groups seem to be something of a closed circle, a retreat into familiarity. My blogroll, which definitely needs updating, covers a wide variety of opinion. I enjoy this and look forward to reading such a variety. It enriches my life and I often find myself challenged by a point of view I would not have even thought about if I had stayed in a small circle. I often disagree with what I read, but usually enjoy reading it. Some blogs I read once and don't go back. Others are bookmarked and become favourites. If I have time,I will pick two or three from the hundreds at blogs4God. Some get nomore than a glance, but I was willing to make that glance to find what they were like.

Besides, where would I go? I attend a particular church but am not an "official" member and would not want to be known as such. Other descriptions could be used and I suppose they are all partly true. I'm much more left of centre both politically and theologically than I have ever been before in my life, certainly more than many realise.

To those forming tight,often church based groups I would advise this. Look up and out. God does not limit truth to any one particular group.


I've been out at little Tora's several days. She's making slow but steady progress after the operation. Pool little thing has lost quite a bit of weight and her arms ansd legs look like matchsticks.

Prior to operation, her snuffles and snores could be heard outside her room with the door closed. Now she sleeps so quietly that my son had to bend low over her to check she really was breathing.