things are looking up
Thank you for your prayers. Tora is now making some progress and should be home by evening. Andrew her brother, is much happier now he can see her and can see she still has all her fingerts and toes etc.



Update on little Tora
My granddaughter, Tora, is spending her second night in hospital after tonsillectomy. Please pray for her and the family. She is back on a drip because she can't keep anything down and is now refusing even liquids and iceblocks. Her mum was there overnight and has been there all day with the 4 month baby sister. Big brother is used to spending time at his cousin's but has picked up on the vibes around and is a very unhappy little boy tonight. His dad has picked him up but he's spent a lot of time crying over the last two days.



In the wake of the ferry race,Australia Day on Sydney Harbour. Photo from Sydney Morning Herald. (possibly requires free registration)


Please pray for little Victoria Claire, my granddaughter. She's 2 and is having her tonsils out tomorrow as their size threatens her breathing and eating. They are also causing bad sleep apnoea and she wakes very many times through the night. Prayers for her parents would also be appreciated. This is the first major thing they have had with the children.


Australia Day,2005
Last year I was all philosophical about this day and made remarks about refugees and our scandalous treatment of them etc. Much more low key today.

Today has been lovely. Middle son,his wife and children came down and we all went down to St John's Anglican Church, Ashfield which ahd a Wine and Food festival in its grounds. A perfect day. Quite hot but a lovely breeze and the stalls were set out under some of the many large trees in the big churchyard.

We wandered around looking but didn't buy much. A tray of huge deep red peaches for $5 and three enormous bunches of celery for $2. Son got me some wine to taste and bought several bottles himself. We spent time debating about the heat of chilli jams etc for two of our sons who love extremely hot chilli flavours. Some rather nice Thai food for lunch.

We looked through the church. Little Andrew loved the stained glass window, totally different from the community church his family attends. DIL was a bit teary. Little Tora has her tonsils out tomorrow and Sam is a bit edgy. One of the graves in the old graveyard had three children from the same family, all under 5. There are many old graves there, old at least for Sydney. I've looked there before, but saw one today dated 1816.

We're heading out soon to have another picnic by the river and to watch the boats returning bedecked with flags from the harbour parade and great ferry race.

A day spent very much as many other Australians would have spent it. Informality, picnics, good company and food and wine, family. And gratitude to be an Australian.