credit where credit's due II
Good service is not always available so I want to commend two places which gave me prompt and excellent service. I often knit as a means of relaxation. Ozeyarn had goods to me by post within three days of ordering.

Elann,in Vancouver, Canada,had an order picked, packed, posted and delivered to my door in just under five days. Everything present and correct, just as I had ordered.


credit where credit's due I

I've had a particularly busy few days and next week doesn't look much of an improvement either. However, just a couple of quick posts.

If nothing else, PM John Howard is quick to read the mood of Australians who ahve opened their purse and given them a good shake for the tsunami appeal. Well done on all the various forms of relief set in motion for giving aid, particularly to Indonesia. One billion over five years could well be given with at least the glimmer of a thought of gaining goodwill from it. However, it is needed and at least it was given.