Here is an interesting seismic map. Link from BeneDiction.


The efforts to get relief into devastated areas continues. Australia has contintued to give generously to the relief effort. $60 million has been given by the government and this could rise again. Naval ships, personnel, field hospitals etc in addition to the usual medical supplies, food,shelter, clothing.

Australians have as usual,been generous in their response to this event. It seems a characteristic that we open our wallets easily at such times. The Red Cross has reported that $24 million has been donated to them and other aid agencies also report generous donations. The organisers of the Sydney Festival which runs all January from tonight, are hoping to raise $5 million from those watching tonight's fireworks around the harbour. It was suggested that the fireworks be cancelled but the money has already been spent on organisations and preparations.



...and still the number of those known to have been killed grows. Just on 60,000 this morning, with bodies still known to be in rubble and water.

Richard yesterday posted about his reactions and thpught. Is this an "act of God?" as such things are known in the insurance industry? How can he cope with the revulsion his mind feels? Read his thoughts.

I urge all those who are able, to consider making as large as possible a donation as they can to some reputable aid agency with a good track record in relief. I was told that the churches should be involved. Where are their funds for such things,I was asked. "What an opportunity for evangelism!" I'm not impressed by that thinking. There may be such spinoffs from aid, but these are fellow people in desperate need and grief. They need practical help. As James says, what is the point of telling someone to be warm and not giving him a warm coat?

When I saw Australia's initial gift of $10 million given several days ago, I was horrified. Nothing more than a drop in the bucket was my remark. It was stated that this was just a start and supplies and personnel and police trained from the Bali bombing in identification have already been sent. Then last night's news announced a gift from the USA. I certainly hope that this is just the start of much more. Only $20 million? A UN official said relief work would cost many billions of dollars. I haven't yet seen any estimate of the impact on the economy of the affcted countries.

Australians are known for their generosity to others in times of disaster. What can you do to help?

Later:Australia has pledged another $25 million and more after that while here the USA has reacted to claims of stinginess in its aid and has offered more. I stillthink it could offer more.



This story, found on the ABC site, says that both Indonesia and Sri Lanka fear that the death toll in each of these countries could well rise to over 20,000. (Tuesday, January 28, 4:30 pm)

With such devastation I think that it could well be quite a while before a truly accurate account is possible. Whatever the number, it is obvious that an enormous number of people have been killed.


Photos here of some of the devastation fromthe tsunami catastrophe. As of this Tuesday morning early, it is estimated by the Red Cross that at least 23,700 poeple have diedand over one million have been displaced. Medical goods, blankets, housing, cooking utensils, food, clean water, medical staff and so on are all desperately neded over a wide area.



As I watched the evening coverage of the tsunami disaster, I found it almost impossible to comprehend the scale and international scope of the destruction. Early warnig systems were mentioned for the Pacific, but none exist for the Indian Ocean. One Uni seismologist said that if such a system saved one life, it would be worth it.

Lord have mercy on us.