I haven't had much trouble with BLOGGER for a while,but yesterday and today it has been most unco-operative.


A Supreme Court judge, formerly an Attorney General, has decided to surrender a blood sample to police. This is the sample he chose from two taken after he had an accident three weeks ago outside his home. Such samples are mandatory here for drivers involved in accidents.

He did not have to hand the sample over, but there has been a huge public outcry about this incident. The sample taken at the hospital was placed, according to doctors, in the special receptacle which can be opened only by police. When the box was opened, all other samples were there, but Judge Shaw's was not. It seems to have vanished into thin air. An enquiry into this disappearance has been launched by the Police Integrity Commission. Strangely, the news of this was not made public until just a few minutes before the Melbourne Cup,the horse race which stops a nation. It was swallowed up in cup frenzy.

Judge Shaw is now on sick leave and under treatment for a "medical condition" which seems to strike mostly politicians and sportsmen.* He has announced he will face the music. I think there ws no other course really open to him to maintain the integrity of both himself and the court and any future judgments he may make. I'm more concerned in discovering how the police sample vanished, who took it and under whose authority and where it went to.

* By quoting what others have called this, I'm not trying to downplay anything, nor the fact that alcoholism is indeed a medical condition. However, there have been several cases lately where this term has been used as an excuse for drunkenness.



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