It's amazing how one thing triggers another. After reading about BeneDiction's gift of a book I found myself today in Dymock's bookshop in our local large shopping centre. I don't normally go there, as usually I can never find what I'm looking for. However, I had a lovely timein the childrens section. I spent a lot of money but have bought good books for the grandchildren's presents for Christmas. I was always pleased to get books and my sons were the same and feel the same about presents for their children too.

For Miss four, a bright little button, I bought Possum Magic by Mem Fox, a children's classic here. Mem Fox is very involved in teaching children to read and actively promotes reading to them from a very early age. Her Dad has done this. I rang him to see what other Australian classics she had. Finally I also bought a hardcover edition with original illustrations of The Wind in the Willows.

For her cousin Andrew, who is almost six, I found an omnibus edition of all three books of The Magic Faraway Tree series. I read this to myself when I was only a bit older than he is now. In fact it was the only Enid Blyton I read. I was given the run of the many bookcases in our home at an early age and told I could read anything except two particular books. I found in my late teens that Dad had been right. I didn't enjoy tales of Mau Mau uprisings. When my mates were reading Secret Seven books, I was enjoying much more advanced fare. My teacher in second class (7-8 years old) lent me the Anne series, one per week because I was bored to tears with the offerings the rest of the class had. I then went through the rest of her childhood books and from there went to Australian classics. However, I'm looking forward to sharing the adventures of Moonface with Andrew.

I also found a new book which I'm sure will touch his sense of humour. It's called Grannysaurus Rex by Tony Wilson, a broadcaster with the ABC. Andrew is crazy about dinosaurs, and I think a story about a grandma who turned into one will amuse him.

A couple of soft books,accompanied by toys for Andrew's sister, Tora, who is just two and a couple of rag books for little Morgan, three weeks old completed my purchases. I love buying things for the children, but they have so much these days that I usually save up and get something more for an occasion. Books are such a resource for them. Andrew loves to have me read to him and also likes reading to meas well.


Benediction tells the story of the convoluted travels of a book, which was a gift from RealLivePreacher. The book was sent to Bene via Darryl at DashHouse.com.

Poor Darryll faced a dilemma, one I can understand easily. I'm a reader and devour most things which come my way. That's why I enjoyed my job as a bookshop manager. I had access to many books and was expected to know something about them so I could answer customer enquiries. I grew skilled at being able to read a new book and leave it looking still untouched. I regularly buy books as gifts for several people I know and always read them first. Perhaps they may not like them. How would I know if I didn't read it first? Sometimes I have kept the book for myself and bought more as the gift.

So I can understand the temptation Darryl felt as the package sat in his home before forwarding. There sat a book, just waiting to be read. He didn't succumb. Bene has solved the problem and in solving it, has returned RLP's grace in the original gift and a second person will benefit.

Later... BeneDiction comments that RLP has sent Darryl an autographed copy,allowing BeneDiction to keep the original gift. Still a gracious act. (see comments)