this might be it
My daughter-in-law has just asked me to stay overnight as she has an early appointment a tRoyal North Shore hsopital regarding a possible induction of the birth, sooner rather than later. Her blood pressure's up and where she was going is really only a small birthing centre. Problems are referred to the much larger teaching hosptial.

Not too sure when I'll be back, but we would all appreciate the prayers of any who read this.



We are still waiting for this baby to make an appearance. Sam has a clinic appointment with the midwife tomorrow. After that if the baby hasn't arrived by next Tuesday, there will be an induction.

I've made an appointment for a doctor's visit for myself early tomorrow. We are also having roofers arrive very early tomorrow to do about $5000 worth of repairs to our roof. I wouldn't be surprised if young Morgan makes his/her entrance tonight.


It's been just on two years now since I had hearing aids fitted. I still don't like them and find them cumbersome, but they have indeed changed my life. With young grandchildren whose speech is not always clear, I was missing some of what they said. I found seminars etc difficult, particularly question time afterwards and on those occasions when I was the speaker, questions from the floor were very difficult to understand.

Now I hear most things well and can pick up little asides from my sons which previously passed me by. Of course, being my sons, they are always totally politically correct and always polite, but now I hear them instead of guessing at what they are saying.

I knew I needed them but it was not till I was overcome with relief that I did not have a tumour, even if benign, in my ear, that I did anything about them. They've been expensive, but worth it.

They do have a downside. I've sung in choirs etc for very many years. I can't do that now. Such singing depends on listening to the person next to me to make sure I am singing in tune and singing the correct part. This is not now easy to do as I hear all the parts. Shopping in a mall brings a cacophany of sounds, all competing for my attention. I do have the facility to mute a lot of this noise, but I then have to switch back if I am talking to someone in a shop. Noisy places to eat are a nightmare. We often go to a small, super-cheap, Vietnamese place locally. I choose my time there carefully to minimise the noise.

Such things as trivia nights at church are a nightmare as my head feels as if it is being attacked by noise on all fronts.

The major downside of the aids is also connected to church. As I said, I've sung all my life. I find this difficult now. If there is just a keyboard or something else low key, then I can usually manage. Where I go, we almost always have a couple of guitars, a bass and drums as well. It's difficult to hear the melody, although I suspect this is also a function of the type of music played.

Just a few comments. If you find yourself needing hearing aids, then I really would recommend a test and the fitting of them. While they are not ideal, the alternative is worse.