I've been off air for a while so thought I'd ease back with Sunday Brunch from Jeanne.

School Days

1. Did you like or dislike high school?
I liked school, primary and high school, but then I was always the academic kid, the one who read all sorts of books except chidren's books!

2. Walk to school, ride the bus or catch a ride with someone?
I went to a selective high school, a good way from home. A walk, a 15 minute bus trip then 40 minutes in the train and another walk. In my last year of school, I was never home before at least 5:30pm as I had afternoon Honours classes.

3. What was your favorite subject?
Latin. I was always chapters ahead of everyone else in the class.

4. When it came to doing homework, did you do it right away, wait 'til
the last minute or just do it whenever you felt like it?

Latin was always done on time. I learnt to do homework as it was set. Much easier than the last minute. I wasn't then, and am not now, a fan of TV. I did the weekend homework on Friday evening while the rest of the family watched TV. I sound like a teacher's pet, but found that I then enjoyed my weekend to myself.

5. Would you go to your high school reunion?
I haven't been back, although I receive mail from the association.