Rain rustling
Well over 80% of New South Wales, my home state, is in drought and drought declared for farmers' assistance. However I haven't heard any tales of this reported from China.


Riverstone is asking for help for a survey her sister recommended.

Her sister is looking for women who are over 40 and not pregnant.

Here's the survey. Open to those outside the USA.



The Passover meal held double meaning for first century Jews. It certainly recalled their deliverance out of Egypt by the hand of God, but it also looked forward to their own final redemption, the coming of the kingdom and defeat of their enemies. Jesus, in celebrating this meal with his band of followers and using the elemental bread and wine, revealed his intentions to take Israel’s fate on his own shoulders. Instead of blood on the doorposts and dead first-born-sons, there would be a body broken and blood spilled on a cross.

“In this context the words that he spoke [during the last supper] suggest that Jesus was deliberately evoking the whole exodus-tradition and indicating that the hope of Israel would now come true in and through his own death. His death, he seems to be saying, must be seen within the context of the larger story of YHWH’s redemption of Israel; more specifically, it would be the central and climactic moment toward which that story had been moving. Those who shared the meal with him were the people of the renewed covenant, the people who received “the forgiveness of sins,” that is, the end of exile. Grouped around him, they constituted the true eschatological Israel.” (3)

When we take the Lord’s Supper, we aren’t just agreeing to a theological principle or performing a dutiful act of remembrance like laying flowers on a grave. The Lord’s Supper is a many-layered subversive and prophetic act that declares once and for all - the exile of God’s people is over. The kingdom of God has come and will culminate in a final feast where all the friends of Jesus, regardless of class, race, gender, or nationality will sit at his table. Israel is - not a proud, pure, triumphant nation - but a rag-tag band of sinners living in the grace of God. That’s who we are and that’s why we bother with the Lord’s Supper.

From Mike Bishop, (no relation). Link from Dan at signposts. Lots of interesting observations here and thoughts raised. I come from a liturgical background and find the "remembrance only" type talk given at times of communion in my current church to be totally unsatisfying. I look forward to more posts on this.


A surfer was killed in Western Australia in a shark attack. It seems as if two sharks, probably different types were involved. This is most unusual and the matter is discussed here.

There have been calls for the sharks involved to be killed. Experts say this is not a realistic solution. Who knows where they are now? The family of the surfer does not want this to happen. As they said, it won't bring him back and what good will it do?

Sharks are a protected species and government permission is needed to kill them. They are protected because they are threatened with extinction.

I live in a country where there are many dangerous species. I really think that we need to recognise this fact. If we place ourselves in the habitat of these, then we must take care and must expect that there may be casualties. We used to have a place in the bush where snakes abounded. We recognised this. We taught our boys some safety rules. We were careful. We had first aid equipment where everyone could easily reach it. We saw the common black snake many times as we were right next to a creek where it could get easy food. I also saw brown snakes, much more venomous and copperheads and adders. We managed to co-exist. In several years, we killed only one snake. We had a lot of visitors with children around and were unable to chase the snake away into the bush.

It seems that these sharks may have been there after food. Seals had been in the area a couple of days before. I'm not suggeestng that the surfer was careless. I have no knowledge of that. Rather I'm speaking against those who want to kill the sherks, which after all don't differentiate between human legs and seal.