It's good to be back online. Optus cable had problems in my area and settings should have automatically reset when problems were fixed. Nothing happened and it's taken a couple of phone calls to get things going again. Generally they have been quite relaible.


INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.
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From Rebecca.

I've done various forms of this test over years and always come out with this finding, although when I had the test administered using the actual letters which gave a physical count, the "J" and "P" were quite close.



Michelangelo autistic?
Here's a discussion of the possibility of his being autistic.



New South Wales, my state, has just had the driest autumn in forty years. The month of May brought only 8 mm of rain to Sydney, the lowest reading since 1957. Over 70% of the state is drought declared and another 15% is borderline. Second level water restrictions take effect in Sydney from tomorrow and local councils are being urged to get tough on offenders and to put into place water saving strategies for their own water use.


Sunday Brunch, arrived Monday morning here.

Rise and Shine!
1. What time do you normally wake up?
Somewhere between 5:30 and 7:00 am

2. Do you wake with or without an alarm clock?
I hate alarm clocks and wake all night to see if it's about to go off1 Manage to wake when needed most times, unlike a son who slept through a uni exam once.

3. Name the one thing you must have immediately to start your day.
A glass of water.

4. How long after you wake up do you turn on your computer?
We have cable and heavy duty firewalls etc and computers here are always on. I do check email fairly early.

5. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Do you eat breakfast every day?
I've gone from a "breakfast makes me feel ill and I never eat it" person, to someone who has it every day. I now look forward to it and to my plunger of coffee, the only coffee I have through the day.



Pentecost Sunday

and they were gathered together in the upper room...Many mark the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost as the birthday of the church. What a difference the Spirit made then. Each time in Acts that we read of the coming of the Spirit on the disciples, it is for power in witnessing and evangelising. Somewhere over the years we have gone astray and relied on our own power.

I grew up in a liturgical church and even now, many years later love to follow the church year through the Sundays. Although I now attend what is called a Pentecostal church, I don't altogether agree with their ideas. However, while I disagree with much of the theology around, I do agree that many churches have displaced the role of the Spirit. He comes to bear witness to christ and to empower for service. I could write reams on the Spirit but know that this is a divisive topic to many people. I try to steer a middle path and while I am not what I would call either pentecostal or charismatic in the sense used today, I do recognise the power and gifts of the Spirit for today.


I become more and more disheartened by our Prime Minister every day. I was never a great fan of his at all and his attitude to refugees and the war in Iraq certainly made him go downhill in my estimation. I also wonder at the slippery grasp he seems to have of truth. "Children overboard," was the government's cry till even his own Navy contradicted him.

What would have been a cry of disgust against the opposition turned to words of support for one Liberal MP who took a boyfriend overseas on a junket factfinding trip. Not even the original boyfriend, but a second one. Government funding is supposedly reserved for spouses of MP. "She's done nothing wrong at all. No contravention of regulations." And this was the same MP who was loudly crying for blood when something had no Christian moral basis to it!

It appears the Army at least had knowledge of the torture allegations from Iraq quite a while ago. Last year, actually. The Prime Minister has fobbed off all questions as to when the government knew. When asked about timing, John Howard becomes very agitated and insists that people questioning this are really trying to implicate Australian soldiers in the deeds. This is obviously blatantly not the case. He does his best to change the topic to the emotive one of soldier involvement. As one newspaper pointed out, to know about the torture and to say nothing is to be guilty by association.