A time to speak and a time to refrain from speaking...

As Rick suggests, this could have been handled better. Words like tact and diplomacy come to my mind.



I went yesterday with a friend to the Museum of Ancient Cultures at Macquarie Uni's world renowned Ancient History department. He took his early church history class there.

Dr Don Barker who works on the many papyri the uni has, spoke to the group. He showed the Oxyrhynchus papyri recently acquired by the uni for their collection of papyri, the largest in Australia. We also saw the work and storage area for the papyri. The uni has published a large number of books on these and their relation to understanding early Christianity. I've been fortunate to have seen these papyri several times in the last few years.

He also spoke to the group about the manner of copying books in the ancient world. Many of the pieces of the New Testament which we have are closer in date to the original writing than almost any other ancient works. Some ancient works have no originals extant.

When I had trouble copying details to my blogroll as mentioned in the post below, I could more easily understand the possibility of mistakes creeping in. I can use a cut and paste function which ensures accuracy. However, I still have to paste in the right location, something I made several mistakes in. New Testament manuscripts were written without punctuation and with no spaces between the words. It must have been amazingly difficult not to make mistakes. Some copied manuscripts show evidence of proofreading with proofmarks and corrections jotted down alongside the text. However, inevitably there were some mistakes which crept in.


When I re-arranged my blogroll the other day I was not careful enough. I didn't check every entry and of course there were some mistakes. I hope no-one tried to access certain blogs from my roll. I've now been through them and checked. I had Richard Hall's URL down for three blogs. He'd have a hard time keeping up blogging at three blogs!


give thanks with a grateful heart

May 29 has been set aside as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I see that Mike in Tasmania also takes this up today. This was announced in February by the Governor-General, MajorGeneral Michael Jeffrey. Many churches are organising activities but individuals have also been urged to set aside some time to give thanks, for both national and individual blessings.

I think this it is good to give thanks. I'm not sure I want yet more activities orgainised, but that's a personal preference. It's just far to easy to let things slide. Too easy to accept all those things and to take them for granted. Basic conveniences like clean water, shelter, food and so on, let alone freedom for our manner of life, education, even the opportunity to publicly disagree with our government on such things as the war in Iraq.

We have so much here for which to be grateful. I would be even more grateful if we were to translate some of the "feel good" thankfulness into more practical expressions. While this day has been endorsed by the Governor-General, he has no political power. Freedom and education are great ideas. What about moving those ideas to our treatment of refugees in this country? Refugees' children get a very raw deal here in camps. Aboriginal families often lack much of what most of us take for granted. There are many other areas I could pick.



We are without a car for at least a few days. Now that doesn't bother me, although Sunday might be a problem, but it is awkward for my husband. I walk or ccatch public transport when I want to go anywhere. However it's happened now. He's a fairly lead-footed driver, accelerates and brakes hard. Yesterday he was driving between the two places he works at and turned right. However, he hit the gutter. He says the car "doesn't look too good." Although he managed to limp along to the hospital car park, which was close by, it seems he has probably wrecked the suspension and steering. Again. This is the fourth time he has done this sort of thing. Once in Renault 16, twice in the Saab and now this. Varying degrees of damage.

He wasn't hurt but was quite shaken up. This confirms to me what I had first thought when he rang. He was probably taking the corner too fast or in the wrong gear or both and then came to a sudden stop. The road was wet, but this is a Subaru Liberty, renowned for its handling.

Fortunately he has been able to arrange a lift to work, although it meant leaving this morning at 6:15 am. He works for an area health service in Sydney and has an office at two different hospitals. At least he is no longer driving around all the hospitals in the area.

I would like to point out to him that perhaps this is a hint to slow down. As I said, he is a heavy footed driver but has led a relatively charmed life as far as speeding tickets go. However NSW now has a points system Infringements have a points penalty. More than 12 points gone in any three year priod and the license is suspended. I think his past is catching up to him as he has now lost 10/12 points. None of those will be returned until late January 2006. The others won't be returned until May 2007. That's living ona knife edge, but it doesn't seem to have affected his driving yet. Perhaps this latest incident will help.

$450 excess on the insurance claim. Not to mention the inconvenience. Then there is the nearly $3000 he has paid in cash to two separate people for accidents caused by backing into them and not looking where he was going. One of these was my sister-in-law. He'll be grounded for a while now.

Aussie readers will know the Yellow Pages advertisement on TV where a woman boss is very annoyed when an entry is forgotten. The ad ends, "Not happy, Jan." That about sums up my feelings this morning.

Update, Thursday 27th May
Car has been moved from the assessor's to a repair shop. Repairs will take at least a fortnight.


new URL
I had been having computer problems and thought my inability to access this blog was due to them. Then I realised I was having problems with all my blogspot blogs. URL has changed. I have checked this out on several blogs. It's no longer http://www.shalomsweblog.blogspot.com but has changed to http://shalomsweblog.blogspot.com
No notification, just found by trial and error.



The ABC reports that an Australian exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show has won a Silver Gilt Flora Medal for an exhibit. All the flowers and trees were sourced in Britain as nothing could be brought in. However the BBQ, without which no Aussie garden would be complete, was shipped from Melbourne.


BeneDiction refers readers to a survey being undertaken into the attitudes, actions and beliefs of Christians by Dr Mark Vincent, social psychology professor of Augustana College.

He's had some problems getting respondents, so check it out and give him a helping hand.


So what do I think of the new BLOGGER? I point out first of, that I'm no technical person at all. In the early days of computers, I could often pick out problems and suggest fixes, but I'm nowhere up to that now. What I use must be easy to use, cheap or free. And it has to work. BLOGGER used to have some intermittent problems in that area, but has been much more reliable of late.

When the new front page appeared, I was surprised and thught I'd picked up some nasty bug despite my precautions. Then I saw it was a new incarnation. At first I did not like it. I knew exactly where everything was and how to use it. Now I quite like it.
I was planning a revamp of my blog, have been thinking about it for a while. New BLOGGER was a push in the right direction. I can handle a small amount of HTML but am not skilled, so need a template. I liked the look of most of them. I was able to fiddle a few small tweaks and was up and running more quickly than I expected. I find the interface clean and uncluttered and easy to use. I've kept my Haloscan comments because they work and because people don't need to be signed in to use them. Draft save is much more efficient. I've been caught out several times before with a very messy draft,saved as draft, but being published and hard to change. Draft now seems to be just that.

In short, I am happy with the new look, both of BLOGGER and blog.



from Sunday Brunch

My Favourite Things

1. What is your favourite colour?
I'm a fan of clear bright colours and while I like muddy greens etc, they don't suit me. Probably my favourite colour would be a royal purple.

2. What is your favourite piece of clothing?
A very long purple silk scarf, very finely pleated so that it appears much narrower than it really is.

3. Where is your favourite place to eat out?
Either the tiny, no-frills Vietnamese plae quite close to home or else a picnic by the water somewhere, whether the nearby river or the beach or a creek in the mountains.

4. What is your favourite meal?
BBQs at a picnic or sharing a cold seafood platter beside the river or really, anything seafood particularly mussels, oysters, calamari.

5. What is your favourite sport or recreational game?
I used to enjoy hockey and played on the wing. Now I walk or swim or enjoy watching Rugby Union football or watching my DIL playing hockey.



Science for dummies but not quite as I remember from school although some seem vaguely familiar. Surely that one about cloud banks is right! Link from Ian's Messy Desk.