I once knew a girl named Sunshine (better than Moonshine?) who changed her name to something more conservative in her late teens. This article talks about the way some celebrities' children have been affected by their names.

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I think I'm getting used to the new look. A couple of times I've been testing something and been surprised when the new template appeared on screen. Shows how we can become stuck in our old ways, even if we found them attractive at first.

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new template
I've been mulling over a new template for a couple of months. As I'm not really into such things, although I know a bit about HTML and have a couple of good references available, I have put off doing anything about it. With BLOGGER'S new front page and tools I decided that now was the time. This is only one of their ready made templates, but it's a change. I still have some more stuff to add, but will leave it a couple of days I think. I get frustrated with my inability to pick exactly where to add somethng and my need to try everything out. Trial and error. I've now managed to update my blogroll, added a blogroll me link and an email. Nearly done.Still, it's a change.

I'm getting used to their new way of business and I like the ability to update pictures from my own stash!


Just a test. This is a bay on the Parramatta River, a few minutes from my home. Posted by Hello


the Jesus party
I was turning the pages of this morning's paper when an ad in the Public Notices section of the classifieds jumped out at me.

We've had what would Jesus do, drive, eat etc.We're coming up to a federal election this year. This advertisement sought founding members for a Jesus party. Political parties here need a number of enrolled members before they can be registered and therefore can take part in an election. A box number address, a hotmail email and a mobile phone number were all supplied. I wonder how many takers there will be.

I don't agree with this type of thing at all. To me, it smacks of an "us and them" mentality. I don't see it doing much good either. Too often it brings ridicule, often quite deservedly so, because of the actions and words of prominent Christians.

It is often quoted as justification for such action that Christians are to be salt and light in the world. Perhaps people quoting this have no idea about cooking! Salt is used lightly throughout cooking. Have you ever seen a restaurant with dishes just of salt? Of course not. The idea is laughable. Salt is used in small amounts for flavour and preservation. To push the metaphor further, light is either there overall, or there is darkness. Light does not congregate in one place.

I believe we need to take our Christian beliefs with us into whatever are we go. Sometimes these beliefs will be more obvious, sometimes less so. However, what we do and say should be based upon them. We all fail to do this consistently, but that does not negate the principle.

I lead a cell group which is composed mainly of artists, several professional, of one type or another. Someone from outside the group raised the old question, "What is Christian art?" Too many see it as a painting of Jesus with arms outstretched saying, "This is how much I love you." Others believe that a Christian writer should have the gospel spelled out in the form of the four spiritual laws (or similar) on every second page.

Just as we need artists who are also Christians expressing their beliefs in their art, so we need politicians who are Christians expressing their beliefs through what they say and do.

Whether we are artists or politicians or anything else, this is how we should be living.



pet peeves
One of my pet peeves is the practice of calling a time of singing at church "worship." I quite agree that this is a part of worship, but that's not usually what is meant by the phrase. Of course the worship has a "worship leader." What about all the other parts of the service which are also worship? What about the attitude of sacrifice and service which is part of worship.(Romans 12:1-3)What about the manner of life displayed through the week? Check the Greek out. It give us our word liturgy and means service and worship.

I know many people would say that worship is all I have mentioned and much more. However, I know people who basically confine it to that time of singing.

I was annoyed to see a banner ad at the top of a blog. Blend hymns and worship it said. This combines the idea of worship as being just singing with the idea, also prevalent, that only modern songs fit into a worship setting. Many modern songs are definitely not conducive to worship. The focus of worship is God. Far too many modern songs are self-centred. Some do not mention the words "God," "Jesus" "Lord" at all, and could be sung to any one, let alone any deity.