I found the weblogger's favourite verse at Randy McRobert's place. Very clever.


what a binge!

I found this the other day and just remembered it.



You are an INTP!

As an INTP, you are Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.
This makes your primary focus on Introverted Thinking with an Extroverted Intuition.

This is defined as a NT personality, which is part of Carl Jung's Rational (Knowledge Seeking) type, and more specifically the Architect or Thinker.

As a weblogger, you might not be as concerned about popularity, but more with the ideas and theories that you strive to understand. Because routines aren't your strong point, you might be more likely to work on the concept of how to do a blog, but not be as excited to keep it up.

From Bloginality Bloginality- weblogger personality.

Link from Darren at the Living Room. Lots of other references there too.

This figures because in Myers-Briggs tests I come out as INTJ. However there is almost no difference between the P and J. This bloginality test is based on only four questions where the other has many more.


I've just been spending time at the Ship of Fools' discussion boards. Reading several pages of a thread entitled organists behaving badly, I was reminded of my graduation several years ago for my B.Th. It was held in the wonderful Great Hall of Sydney University. Wonderful, if chilly atmosphere. Huge portraits of past chancellors gazing down at us, and a colourful display of the doctoral robes of many different universities. A fairly solemn,and impressive ceremony. As the new graduates left, the university's carillon broke out overhead. At the luncheon afterwards the friend who had escorted me asked if I recognised the tune. I hadn't and he told me it was from an old musical and was called the bells of heaven ring out for me but not for you.

(I haven't ever been able to track down anything about this. If anyone knows anything, I'd be pleased to hear it.)


blogging tools
Ian's Messy desk links to TheOoze Annual Blog Tools Roundup by Jordon Cooper. This list of tools also includes a link to TheOoze Blog Directory.



post budget cartoon!

I loved the cartoon by Moir in today's Sydney Morning Herald. Yesterday's budget is obviously a pre-election budget with cuts and grants aimed at vote winning.

The cartoon had Prime Minister Howard apparently walking on water, waving his arms in triumph. Then it could be seen that Peter Costello, Deputy Liberal Leader and Federal Treasurer and a man whose leadership hopes have been thwarted several times, was actually under water, holding the Prime Minister above the surface. Poor Peter Costello was going "glug, glug!"



australian story
I watched a heartwarming story tonight on our national television station. Australian Story was about a small-holding farmer in Tooleybuc, near the NSW/Victorian border who has taken in a group of Afghan refugees who arrived on his farm looking for work. He admits he was hesitant and apprehensive at first. Now he has found a new family and has become an advocate of refugee rights. His elderly mother finds herself being called "Mum" by these men who treat her as if she really were their mother, with respect and dignity.

The men, one of whom was a doctor in Afghanistan, help on the farm and this help has enabled him to enlarge the area under cultivation. He has taken them into his home. English lessons have been arranged and many other benefits have been arranged. He has worked in the tiny farming community for their acceptance and has found himself involved in a group of rural Australians working for refugees. This advocacy has opened up many areas in which he absolutely no experience. He now speaks at public gatherings and is working his way through the government red tape, masses of which surround anything to do with refugees.

He cannot speak highly enough of these men, nor they of him.