I won't be around till Friday. This is babysitting week. I had one grandaughter for the whole weekend and I'm minding the other two children during the day till Thursday evening. And then I imagine I will be coming home to fall fast asleep!


common sense needed
I was at the local shopping centre and approaching the moving walkway. I wasn't close enough to help the woman who nearly upended her baby onto the walkway, but fortunately someone else did help.

The woman was pushing a lightly built stroller with a baby about twelve months old in it. She was also smoking, (not permitted in centre) and talking on her mobile. This meant she had only one hand to hold the stroller. There's a bit of a bump at the end to get off. The stroller jammed on the corrugated surface of the walkway and was on the point of overturning when an elderly man grabbed it and lifted it off. Mum glared at the rescuer and walked away smartly without saying thank you, still smoking and talking on the phone. The elderly man looked at others around, shook his head and went upstairs.


Sunday Brunch

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

1. Do you watch cartoons?
Almost never, but when I do I watch Warner Bros with Roadrunner. Definitely do NOT like the schmaltzy Disney stuff.

2. Ever buy a box of cereal (for yourself) just for the prize inside?
Not that I can remember

3. Do you ever go to the playground to play on the swings, slide or
teeter totter?
Teeter totter?? Perhaps I would recognise a see-saw. With three small grandchildren, how could I not visit "the swings?"

4. Do you occasionally pout, throw tantrums or cry to get what you
"Never, ever, ever, " says she, stamping foot loudly.

5. How long has it been since you've done childlike (for example:
ride a bike, play marbles, jump rope, build a sand castle)?
Does playing in the puddles count too? If so, the answer is yesterday. I had Miss Three to stay for the weekend and we had a good time playing in the puddles left after some torrential rain.