Into flying? Have a look at these photos. Scroll down, there are quite a few.

Link from Phil Baker from Western Australia.


Ninemsn reports that the spin bowler Shane Warne, who has recently returned to cricket after a one year suspension for taking banned substances, hopes that there will be some sledging about his drug taking. Apparently he really enjoys the onfield sledging. Warne who took diuretics to lose weight and improve his appearance, used the press conference to sledge the ex-Sri Lankan captain about his own weight.

Warne is a good bowler who takes wickets. However, the Aussie team has still done well without him while he was under suspension. He has basically waltzed back into the team after a really laughable trial game. The article called his year off under suspension as "his most trying year." Well, who does he have to blame for that? I wonder if he is still trying the"my mother gave it to me line?" He lurches from one scandal to another. I don't believe he should have regained his place so quickly. In fact, I would not be bothered if he never returned to the national team.



My weekend away has been cancelled after several people had to unexpecredly drop out. We'll reschedule it for later in the year, probably winter. One went to extreme lengths to avoid us. She had an emergency appendectomy. At least my preparation was finished.


global warming reaching the Thames?
Well, not really, but you could be excused for thinking so after this report of a piranha landing on a boat in the Thames.



I'm going away for the weekend to the Blue Mountains where hopefully it may be a bit cooler than is forecast for Sydney and the suburbs. A friend and I were approached over a year ago by people we know who wanted more specific teaching than they were receiving. We ran a weekend last year after much prayer and discussion and are repeating it this year. we have recruited another couple of speakers. I'm giving a talk on the language of the Psalms. I also want to explore some ideas which have been floating around my head for a while on the transmission of text and the role of poetry. I think some of this will be done as discussion with some questions thrown in for starters.

We are going to Rob Lamont's Trinity cottage. If you are in Australia, Rob's site is well worth checking out. He has an enormous network of contacts, has cheap projectors, OHPs, data projectors, software etc and much more. Loads of studies and ideas for young people too.


week 5 - picture this, my choices

I've been enjoying exploring new blogs to see different takes on the Blogger idol theme for the week. However, ths week has been taken up with many things, including a particularly nasty ear infection, so I have not been as diligent as other weeks. Hence, a smaller selection.

As usual, no order of preference at all.

how did this become this

picture peace

the essence of childhood



week 5 - picture this
Where do I start, there's a big choice.

Several years ago, my eldest son had all four wisdom teeth removed at once, late on a Friday. He didn't seem too bad that night and apparently slept well. However the shock of it caught up with him the next morning.

He was in the bathroom with girlfriend, now his wife, attending to the after care of the removal.

I walked past the room to see him standing up declaring, "No need to worry about me. I'm invincible."

Next minute there was a thud. Just as he had declared he was invincible, he had fainted. Girlfriend managed to catch him before his head hit the toilet bowl on the way down. Perhaps I should also mention that Peter is a big boy. Not fat but very tall, just under 6'6'' . The bathroom is small, so there was not much space for him to fall in!