I hope Darren caught up on sleep today. i was just watching a German programme on the news which suggested that both creativity and problem solving are affected by poor sleep. Subjects whose sleep was disturbed or who did not sleep for long performed poorly at basic tests. Those with 7-8 hours sleep did well and found shortcuts to answers.


well done, Darren
As you drink your early morning coffee here, spare a thought for Darren.

This was how I finished an entry about Darren's blogathon yesterday. I think it still fits. Darren hopefully won't get to his coffee too early this morning. He finished his blogathon last night, or rather this morning, at 3:50am. Enough money was raised to buy one and a half pedicabs for needy families in Manilla. If you missed contrinuting and would still like to do so, he wiil be leaving contributions open for a couple of days.


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Darren couldn't sleep this morning and started his blogathon early today. Head over and support him. He's aiming to post every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours in an effort to raise US$170 for a pedicab for a needy family. This is ongoing aid as when that family has paid back the money over a year, the original gift is then freed to support another family. Both prayer support and financial help will be much appreciated.

As you drink your early morning coffee here, spare a thought for Darren.



living in the 80s
Taking up Darren's idea of a blog idol, here are some reminiscences about the 80s.

Most of this decade went past me in a blur. We were part of a very conservative small group and little attention was paid to life outside . We were encouraged to be separate from the rest of the world. I don't remember much thought being given as to how actual interacting with others outside the group could perhaps be a good thing. The world was treated as a scary place while remaining in the group was safe. I do remember becoming increasingly disenchanted with this group which I had joined on marriage some years earlier.

We had a small property in the country at Wollombi,near Cessnock, and spent much time there. One thing I do remember clearly was the expectation placed on me to do wonders in the catering field for all our visitors. People understood that if they could spare the time to help us put up the roof or whatever, they would be well fed out of seemingly nothing. This saw me cooking a birthday dinner of baked chicken for one son on the wood stocve we had perched on a large tree stump while we built our shack. It was raining and I spent the time turning the chicken and vegetables with one hand while I held and umbrella over me with the other. I also remember bread which rose so high that it stuck to the roof of the small oven.

Life went past in a blur of helping with homework and attending meetings several times each Sunday.


signs of the times
Signs I have seen today:

On a church noticeboard The perfect church for those who aren't and again:Be early for a back row seat.

on a shopfront near me:Shop and residents for lease. Really?


Dorothea Mackellar was spot on in her assessment of this country. She wrote of droughts and flooding rains. Northwestern NSW and parts of Queensland are now flooded while much of the rest of this state remains in drought. Farmers are rejoicing because once the floods move downstream, they will be able to plant crops where there has been no possibility of this for several years.


We of the never never
Jeannie Gunn coined this phrase as the title for her book set in the Northern Territory of Australia in the early 1900s. It tells of life on a vast cattle station with its isolation from much other human contact.

At the weekend, the never never train finally became a reality as a goods train moved into Darwin from Alice Springs and the long awaited link from south to north became a reality. The train has run from South Australia to the Alice but the promised link to Darwin had been shelved for many, many years.

I was touched by the scenes of many people from the outback who cheered the train as it went past. The rail link was completed one hundred year after it was first promised. The ABC, our national broadcaster reports on it here .


Life's like that
I've had a busy time over the last week with much happening. I've also had much tension here at home and feel as if I'm walking on eggshells, not knowing quite which ones will break as I tread on them.