Dean at blogs4God has a list of hymns and those they are appropriate for, eg. Crown him with many crowns is for dentists. He asks for additions to the list. This actually happened at my graduation with a Bachelor of Theology. Graduation was in the Great Hall at Sydney University, an imposing piece of Gothic architecture. Large portraits of past chancellors lined the walls. We each received our degrees, representatives of several colleges from the Sydney College of Divinity, while family and friends looked on.

Sydney Uni has an impressive carillon. After the ceremony we stood for photos on the sacrosanct front lawn and the bells chimed loudly. My friend asked me if I recognised the tune. He informed me it was The bells of heaven ring out for me but not for you. Somebody with a sly sense of humour in charge of the carillon?

( these may not be the exact words for the tune which is quite old.)



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Now I no longer need feel neglected. This arrived in my inbox this evening. I've had lottery winning notifications from Canada in the mail, and something similar from Spain, but now I am in a world class group of people. Exactly as I received it.

From mrs_muzu@indiatimes.com

From : Mrs. Muna Zulu Iyama
refugee Camp
South Africa
Email: mrs_muzu@arabtop.net
Dear Friend,
Complements of the season.
I am delighted to contact you after coming across your contact in the
internet business pagehance i have no doubt in your ability to handle a
transaction of this dimension which requires maximum confidentiality to
complete with a strong believe that you are not going to let me down.
I wish to introduce myself as Mrs. Muna Zulu Iyama, wife of the Late
Zulu Iyama who was murdered in the heat of the tribal war in my country
Somalia). May his soul rest in perfect peace.Amen.
Untill his death, my husband was in charge Armunition Importation
of the Fara Idid led rebel group.
It was in the event of our parking out of the military qautars that i
in my late husband's room a vault contain money valued at Twenty Two
United States Dollars(us$22,000,000.00) which i immediately shifted out
my country to a private security company in South Africa as family
belongings for safe keeping.
Today, I am in the refugee camp here in South Africa while my
is stocked in the security company hence i seek your consent in
this consignment on my behalf since my movement is restricted within
Camp and this has to be done in the foloowing directions;
1. standing on my bahlf in clearing the vault base on the documents i
make available to you
2. helping me in banking the fund in your name and country or where
ever you
may consider comfortable and possibly move it into investment.
3. securring travelling documents for me so that i will come out of the
to meet you where ever we can as soon as the fund have settled in an
Also, i have decided to compensate your much needed assistance with 25%
the total sum while 5% will be to take care of all your expenses in the
course of this transaction.
When i hear from you, i will be in a very good position to let you into
clearer picture of this transaction expecting you to keep this
Best regards,
Mrs. Muna Zulu Iyama



As a Latin teacher, I am proud to announce the following; not only does the spirit of Latin live on, but the body has also been resurrected. (Douse the flames; just a side reference to some comments on gnosticism lately.) The Vatican has released an updated Latin dictionary. Dishwasher - escariorum lavator, video rental shop - capsellarum magnetoscopicarum and hotdog - pastillum botello fartum.

The double volume dictionary is released by the Latinitas Foundation, fonded by Pope John Paul II.

Link found in the Warcry of the Australian Salvation Army, given to me by an officer at the station this morning.


Bruce Almighty
Here's a link to an interview with the director of this film.



As I stood at the traffic lights waiting to cross to the chemist, a small Citroen van went past. There was a big sign on the side "Church Computers." My imagination ran wild for a moment. Gothic style perhaps with stained glass drives? Perhaps dark sombre colours for some of my more exclusive brethren acquaintances? What would a charismatic church computer look like? A moment of fun in a fairly dreary, wet day here.


Sight of the day: an elderly man cycling along my busy street. No helmet, no safety vest. One hand gripped the handle bar, the other was carrying a paperback book with one finger marking the place.



Rachel at cre8d is part of an award winning team. Details here:Scoop: Auckland University stats team wins national award


He is the very model of a model Major-General. And now he has become a Governor-General as well. Prime Minister Howard, fresh from success by clinging to George's coat tails in Iraq, has appointed a military man to the fill the position vacated by Rev.Dr. Peter Hollingworth who resigned some weeks ago. Few in the eastern states have ever heard of him. That's not surprising. Western Australia makes little impact on the news here apart from its high-flying corporate criminals. About as much impact as Australia usually makes on the rest of the world news. He seems to be ultra-conservative and obviously Howard hopes he will cause no controversy in the position. He has announced that at least while he is in office, his military pension will be donated to charity.


We had a German Shepherd for sixteen years while my sons were young. I have never seen a more intelligent dog. She was loyal and very concerned about the welfare of the boys, particularly the youngest who was several years younger than his brothers. I was surprised to read this morning that this breed is Britain's unluckiest dog. Top three incidents for them were: swallowing toys, running away from vets and getting heads stuck in a cat flap. Others frequently fell in the toilet. (Research carried out by Our Dogs magazine.)


Looks as if haloscan comments are down again. It's been a while since the last time. Then they suddenly reappear.



I'm still thinking over yesterdays' visiting speaker in church. Actually, it wasn't just the speaker, it was the whole thing. More of a presentation than a speaker, really. When advance notice of this was given, I remember thinking that I knew the name When I checked it out on the web, I did indeed know the name. He represents in Australia an organisation which is aggressive in its views and which runs a confrontational website. I have seen in another instance lately that they had made allegations about another group. When proved wrong, they did not apologised nor retract what they said.I was disturbed that not even his organisation's name was given in the publicity.

Got there yesterday to find three men and one woman were involved. Our little old fashioned school hall had been transformed. On the raised platform, hardly a stage, were several boxes of different heights, all covered with cloth. We had a still life arrangement of oranges in a bowl, some branches in a pottery container and a fishbowl complete with several fish swimming in it. The OHP screen displayed an attractive scene of an avenue of trees with beautiful autumn leaves. The windows at that end had been blocked off, and all this was lit with spots.

In the body of the hall were three tables filled with pamphlets, give-aways, subscription offers and the obligatory tapes, CDs, videos and books for sale.

The speaker was introduced and started what was to be the first of two talks. As I said in the comments at Rachel's, he began with som self deprecating humour to soften us up. Everyone seemed to be laughing but me. I actually really did not find what he said funny. He then began his talk, accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation. Perhaps I should have put that in block capitals. Every trick in the book was used to jazz up the presentation so that I found it hard to look at the screen. However, the presentation did not necessarily follow what he said. Some slides were up for a short time. Others, which he wanted to make a point, stayed on the screen quite a while. He referred to some of the slides, but didn't use many of the others at all. In effect we we getting it twice, in two different ways - once by his words and secondly by the slides. Obviously he realised that when the screen was changed, people would read the next one flashed up, because he tended to make a joke or say something light at that point. I looked around and could see that while people were eagerly enjoying their croissants, muffins and good coffee, the message was slipping down as easily as the food.

What I found even more disturbing was his whole approach. He would take many verses and speak about them, usually saying something most would accept. Then he would a bit and another bit until a major leap had been taken and he was adding in his own little bits and people were totally accepting. I could see heads nodding up and down in agreement. He spoke for example, of the preaching of the "foolishness of the cross" from 1 Corinthians. Then this was foolish, that was foolish. Then the emphasis shifted so that it wasn't God who was using the "foolishness of the cross," but the world that was saying things were foolish. There were many examples of this sort of thing.

Then we got right down to business. I've heard this line from other speakers in the same line. The troubles of the world can be attributed to one thing only, a belief in evolution. AIDS, murder, theft, homosexuality, abortions, sexual diseases etc and a host of other things are directly attributable to a belief in evolution. The teaching of evolution causes enormous numbers of people to drop out of church. Now my beliefs on this topic do not matter. His methods do. This is simply not biblical. To him every word in Genesis, particularly the first two chapters is infallible. If he really believed this, then he would be preaching that all these things come from sin, not from a belief in evolution. His bias has caused him to pervert scripture. It's similar to the teachings of a person I know that all disease would be eliminated if we got rid of sugar and white flour. Both are addressing symptoms, not causes.

I was angry that so many were being led down the garden path. I was angry at the way he was misusing scripture. I was angry at the dishonest leaps he was taking in logic. I was very glad that I had a legitimate reason for leaving. I left before the end of the first talk because he had started late. I was glad of that. I think I would have had to go outside rather than speak to anyone during the break.

I still feel angry, disillusioned and sad.


Quite some discussion over at Rachel's from a post she wrote yesterday. One of the phrases which struck me was in Geoff Bullock's comment -we have crucified grace to affirm rules(I've paraphrased that, I think.) Check it out. So many of us seem to feel this way. there are times I feel an outcast. Perhaps that's too strong a word, but certainly I often don't fit in. I find it difficult to explain why, particularly when no one else appears to feel like this at all.