I've been having a lovely time here this evening. I was able to buy from Word bookstore in Sutherland, NSW, the Word Biblical commentary on CDROM. This is a 54 volume set on to CDs. I already own four volumes of this and look longingly at others on shops. I was given some money and found this at such a price I could not resist. It's much cheaper than the books. Aust$ 500. It comes with Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Library which I already had, but is now updated. If you are interested, it is on Word's online catalogue which can be found easily with Google. Of course, I do prefer the printed version, but I would have been collecting them for years.


Further to my thoughts on the "words of God" and Karen's and my discussion on those awful red letter Bibles, Karen has given me a link to an interesting discussion of them by Tony Payne. Found here at Matthias Media. Seems the print and style of font are quite influential in the comprehension of a passage. Putting Christ's words in red actually diminishes the possibility of good comprehension.


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Mums to the rescue! The leader of the opposition, hardpressed in a leadership battle has called in the cavalry. As if it wasn't bad enough with Shane Warne's son giving him a diuretic so he looked good, Simon Crean's mum has come out swinging into Labor's leadership stoush, calling Kim Beazley's supporters "termites", a report says.

Mary Crean said Mr Beazley's challenge was "deplorable" and a low point in the party's history.

"It's the worst thing that has ever happened in Labor's history," she told The Australian.

Mrs Crean said a group of Sydney party heavies were trying to reassert control of the party in an underhanded way.

"At least people know where the termites are," she said. "It's always between Sydney and us. This is the doings of a coterie in Sydney ... led by (Beazley backer and Labor veteran) Leo McLeay."

I somehow feel that this will be as successful for Crean as Mrs Warne's evidence was in saving her son from a suspension for drug taking. (Link, non permanent, came from


Sometime ago, Darren at the Living Room was talking about different methods of devotional times. Here is a link to Universalis: Office of Readings, where there are passages and prayers for various times of the day. This gives a structure to the day when used regulalry. I don't agree with everything I read there, but there are lots of readings and prayers and homilies from the church fathers. This page is set for Australian dates and times but can be changed for those who are a day behind us.



A call to prayer for North Korea by Martin Roth. Online resources too.


I have noticed a disturbing, to me, trend lately among a group of people with whom I have some contact. It has been heavily suggested that the "words" of God as recorded in the Bible have some special powers over and above the actual Bible. These are the words that say something like "and God said to..." One person I know intimately has actually gone through the Bible and marked all instances of this sort of thing and concentrates on these words only. Another group has just held a public reading of the "words of God" which lasted some fourteen hours.

Knowing some of the people who think like this, I suspect that this is perhaps linked to the word/faith teachings. The spoken word has power, according to them, while they disregard the actual speaker. Thus creation happened because God SPOKE, rather than the fact that it was GOD speaking. I suggested that this downplayed the fact that the whole of the Bible was God's word and received a barrage of conflicting, ill-considered and illogical responses, with the importance of the spoken word being most prevalent. I suggested that this approach basically wipes all the letters of the New Testament. So what? Who cares?

Anyone else encountered this?



You are Ephesians
You are Ephesians.

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Link from Irene. I'm not surprised by this. One year I studied almost nothing else but Ephesians for months. Mind you, when I did the quiz a second and third time, the answer was Romans and Psalms!


My days here have been fruitful. Usual grandmother babysitting duties last Thursday, but other than that, I have been by myself. I walked in the bush over the road. It is dry sclerophyll Hawkesbury sandstone forest, typical of the Sydney area. The bush was open, having been burnt in a controlled burn just before the bad fires started last year. I would have loved to have climbed down some of the layers, but I was by myself. Things were slippery and I stayed near the top. I spent some time just sitting on a rock overlooking a gorge and praying.

I have three talks to give at a conference in mid-July. I have now prepared two of them and have lots of notes for the third which I need to organise. It's a good feeling to have them done. Two of the guys in my homegroup asked me if I could do some more teaching in Tuesday's group when several will be away. I led them several weeks ago in some study on Ephesians 1 and they had apparently enjoyed it. Again, I have notes which need sorting. However, I have an idea of where I want things to go.

I had a major surprise last Wednesday, just before I came here. I think I have mentioned that I am not altogether happy with things where I go to church. Lovely people, but no teaching whatever. The results of this show when I listen to some. Wednesday, I had an email from the pastor. Would I lead communion in a few weeks time?

Along with the invitation to lead communion was another to preach at the end of August. We have a monthly meeting at night. I don't usually attend, as this is a guest preacher's night and there have been some wild and woolly ones on occasion. I replied that while I have preached, I consider myself a teacher. Didn't turn him down flat, but just left things. "What if I call it teaching and not preaching?' was the reply. "Choose your own topic." I nearly fell over when I read this.

Just before I left to come here there was another email. This outlined a leaders' training session in July. My name was down to talk on "Getting the most out of the Bible." Several other speakers in the afternoon. I knew nothing of this meeting before the email. This one is really to my liking. However, my husband's name is not on the list of those attending, so there may be repercussions. He has no problems with the role of women provided it is not me.

None of this was discussed personally with me at all. All arrived totally unexpectedly. I've said nothing about teaching or the lack of it to the pastor. I did fill in a comment in a survey some six months ago to suggest that there be at least the occasional expository, exegetically based sermon. No feed back to me whatever from this. Most sermons seem to be written and then verses found to support what is said.


My last morning house sitting here. I woke to the chilliest morning we've had yet this year. The little Abyssinian cat, Sweet Pea, who has spent the other nights at the foot of my bed, was cuddled into the small of my back and moved closer whenever I moved.

There's a lovely tang of a wood fire on the air. Many memories that brings up if I let them surface. I enjoy wood fires and particularly enjoy cooking on a wood stove. Sadly I no longer have either in my house now. I especially miss my slow combustion heater which gave a lovely overall warmth to our living areas, much better than our current gas heater does. The gas is adequate but the other was better.

Very crisp and clear outside - another beautiful day.The outlook here is over a big bushy valley and I can see only three other houses in the cul-de-sac. It almost feels like my favourite place in the Blue Mountains which my mother sold several years ago.