It's been a busy week. Babysitting twice for grandchildren. Son rings tonight, "Mum, could we ask a big favour?" So we have Miss Two overnight. We'll take her to church tomorrow with us.

My elderly mother (83) has been quite sick all week. She has a really dreadful cough but insisted it was just a cold. After several visits to the doctor, and one by the doctor to the house, he sent her for a chest x-ray. She is now in hospital with pneumonia, even though she had the vaccination against it two years ago. She's beginning to recover, but is exhausted from the physical act of coughing and from being kept awake by the cough. Has been on oxygen for the past 28 hours and is finally making some progress.


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The rape charges against Peter Hollingworth, our Governor-General,have been dismissed and the family of the woman concerned dropped any claims they had made. The claims were impossible to investigate. He has issued a statement saying that as he would have sworn on oath if the case had gone to court, so he declares before God, that he is innocent. I believe him in this. I wish he had handled the abuse charges against priests who were under his authority in as open a fashion.


Each week I mind my 2 year old granddaughter on a Thursday. I often stay overnight and then there is a heap of email and a number of blogs to catch up on when I return. I am amazed how quickly Thursday rolls around each week. It does not seem long since I was there last week. Each week I can see how she has grown or see some new development.

Sometimes I wonder if God looks at me as I look at her?



Calvin and Hobbes -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe! Have a laugh this morning!


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ABC Sydney ยป The Dag's Dictionary Words that should exist, but don't. You'll find some of them here as part of the drive programme on 702 Sydney, part of the national network of the ABC.



AP - A 60-year-old Australian missionary has been beheaded in the strife-torn Solomon Islands, police said.

The dead man, head of the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Atoifi on the island of Malaita, was decapitated while working alone at a church mission building site.

There were apparently no witnesses to the weekend attack, and police did not immediately name the dead missionary.

Sources on the island said there may have been a dispute over the land being used for the new building.

Australia's Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed the man's death but had no other details.

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I found this quote this morning in the April newsletter of New Creation Teaching Ministry. I thought it interesting in light of some current discussion on the church.

God seems to have a rather insistent preoccupation with people. Jesus with his apostles and prophets are the people who are the foundation of the 'holy temple', the dwelling place of God ( Ephesians 2:19) into which we as people are being built as living stones. (1 Peter 2:4-8)....

And what is the church ( ekklesia)? Whatever image we may have of it, arising from our own history and experiences and preferences, it is the community of God's people, called out together by God to himself, like the congregation (ekklesia) in the wilderness , (Acts 7:38)... The church is the personal divine-human reality of God with his people. It is not a social, doctrinal or devotional construct.

We tend to rely on external institutions to be our ongoing security, rather than this direct and dynamic day-by-day relationship of God with his people. What we call "church" stands in constant danger of becoming such an idolatrous substitute. May it never become so!