I've been reading Job for the last few days. A book I haven't looked at for some years. I'm really enjoying it. I read a speech at a time and Job's reply. I have been really struck by the trite responses of Job's friends and their faulty logic. Wickedness bring misery. Job is miserable. Therefore Job is wicked. Very one eyed and pedantic.

Then I realise how easy it is for me to judge and to give easy answers to those hurting. Not much has changed in several thousand years.


I remember going to the Coptic cathedral as part of a class excursion when doing Church History. The Cathedral then was an old Uniting (read Methodist ) church in Arncliffe. there is a theological college attached to it. This is the only Coptic college outside Egypt.

The people there were so pleased to see other Christians taking an interest that we got the full treatment. We were shown over the church and had lots of explanations of icons etc. We then had a lecture for an hour in the college on the Coptic church. Then a full-on afternoon tea served at a positively enormous table which was covered with Eastern cakes and sweets. Unfortunately they did not realise that most Aussies take milk in their tea or coffee and we were forced to be polite guests and drink it black. They made a large donation of Orthodox books to the college library and we each staggered back to the train with an enormous armful of books and magazines.


So Sydney is to get a new Coptic bishop from Sudan. According to the paper, he will be "wedded to the diocese for life. There is no divorce allowed." Let's hope he gets along well with his Aussi parishioners.


Who wants a head cold? Will gladly give one away.



Finally made it here. Child minding, computer problems etc have conspired agianst my making entries.

Spent a very good weekend at the spring school of New Creation Ian Pennicook and Geoff Bingham were the speakers on "Living in the Kingdom. As usual, I spent my birthday money buying books which they print themselves at ridiculously cheap prices. Thier policy is to print good books so all can afford them. Many are reprints of out of print classics. Geoff is well into his 80s but spoke about 5 times over the weekend. Two of those occasions were preaching in services. He is strong, much more so than last year and blessed with an amazing mind and a devotion to God. He is a delight to listen to. Ian also spoke well as usual.

The first time I went to this school I was with a group of students. We all took out our pens and paper. After an hour, I think the most anyone had written was four lines. Now I sit and let things wash over me and then spend time later thinking about what I have heard.

It's been a month today since I started the hearing aids. I am getting used to them, although Is till do not like them. However, i recognise that my brain needs to be trained in using them and in getting used to a new pattern of hearing. It was certainly easier at the conference I have just been to. Paid for them today - just over $3000 (Australian) and it could have been more than double that.